Sylva Hanuise, Sculpteur, Grand-Halleux, Belgique

All the movements have a point of no return. A place from where they have to continue, whatever the consequences of the sculpture. They all have an unavoidable point. Reaching this point is necessary because everything happens just there. Life is also something unavoidable, this makes her force and intensity. When I reach that point, I really work the living material because I lose it, it has its own life.

Every movement has a story. A movement in a body has a story. It is necessary to go back to this story, to build it again, to shape it again, to live it again so that the movement is full. Every movement is the outcome of another. Everything is connected. Without the previous moment, there is no present and there is no future. If the past is not worked on, the movement will not be full, alive. Everything will be frozen.

I finally wonder if the act of sculpting as I am doing it is not an act of cutting, of removing something, of getting separated from that very thing, and inside the stone, and inside me. Every day, I sculpt.

Every day, I give a bit more life to a stone. Every day, I give a bit more of my life to a stone. Every day, I share my life with the world around me.
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