Sylva Hanuise, Sculpteur, Grand-Halleux, Belgique

What I present to you here is my route. I often say that my sculptures are portraits of me at a given time. The gesture of the stone sculptor, to me, is a work of cutting, separating to go somewhere else towards him. An unavoidable act which implies a presence to oneself, a culture of oneself. The inside route that I walk on while sculpting, with my hesitations to cut, the emotions coming, my intuitions, my instinct are as many inside doors to open-go through with no return possible. I live these sculpture moments as moments of self-listening, self-discovering, as an openness to myself and the world around me. Every new sculpture is only possible thanks to the interior route made for the previous sculpture. And the more I walk, the more I discover that my sculpture is not the concrete material result, but indeed this interior adventure of meeting myself.